Kingdom Kritters Rescue & Sanctuary

                                 Kingdom Kritters is CLOSED


Every Animal is SPECIAL at Kingdom Kritters! 



Kingdom Kritters is a safe haven and place of recovery for injured, ill, homeless, abused, neglected and abandoned animals. We practice the highest standards of care, which includes giving every animal  everything they need: medical care, good food, shelter, enrichment and love until forever homes can be found. Unadoptable animals make Kingdom Kritters their safe home for the rest of their lives.
Kingdom Kritters is a Christian owned and operated rescue.  We believe that God gave us charge over the animals and that charge means that we are to care for them as precious creations of our loving Father and to do our best to ensure no harm comes to them.  We love all animals because we love the One who created them.   In addition to loving care, the best of vet care and the most advanced enrichment materials available, each animal at Kingdom Kritters also receives prayer for their lives, safety, health and future.


These are just a few of the lovely babies who passed through Kingdom Kritters Recently.  





Kingdom Kritters works in connection and cooperation with the SPCA, Humane Society and other established rescue organizations across Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas to provide specialized care to a variety of exotic species in times of large animal raids or seizures.  

 Kingdom Kritters is a rescue and sanctuary owned by Val Betts and pending 501(c)(3) status.