Kingdom Kritters Rescue & Sanctuary

      Policies and Procedures for Adopting from Kingdom Kritters

 Kingdom Kritters does not operate like your local shelters.  Therefore, you can't expect for this process to go quickly.  The goal at Kingdom Kritters is not simply to place animals in homes.  Rather, the goal is to ensure that no animal that passes through Kingdom Kritters ever re-enters the rescue system.  We are seeking FOREVER homes, and that means that we must be very diligent in our screening and education processes.  This means that I will take time to get to know you and will look in to all of the things I believe to be important for the care and keeping of the animal you wish to adopt.  Ultimately, I am responsible for each life that passes through Kingdom Kritters and I do not take that lightly nor will I let an animal go to a new home until I am comfortable that their life will be improved by leaving mine and going to yours.


  Adoption Requirements

  • Each perspective parent must completed the Kingdom Kritters adoption application and questionaire.  This application can be requested by sending an email through "contact us" and requesting our application.
  • Each applicant must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid driver's license
  • Applicants must have a verifyable source of steady income
  • Applicants must complete at least one follow-up interview with Val - by phone, email, IM or in person

General Adoption Information

  • Once a completed application is received, it will be reviewed and follow-up interviews will be conducted.
  • Once an applicant is approved, they will be matched up with the family(s) or animal(s) that best matches thier needs and personality.  Then, choices will be given to the applicant.  We will discuss the pros and cons of each and come to a mutual decision.
  • The applicant will be responsible for arranging transportation of the adopted animal to their location.  I do offer shipping at the adopter's expense.  All railroad plans and participants must be approved by Val prior to the animal(s) leaving Kingdom Kritters.
  • A signed and notarized contract is required for adoption from Kingdom Kritters
  • There may be an adoption fee.  Adoption fees, when applied, are equal to or less than the cost of neutering each male to be adopted and/or vet fees paid by Kingdom Kritters.  Adoption fees are to be paid in full prior to the animal(s) leaving Kingdom Kritters.
  • Adoption fees may be waived in certain circumstances.
  • Those listed on our "Seeking Forever Homes" page are not necessarily all of the animals available for adoption from Kingdom Kritters
  • A completed application is not a guarantee of approval for adoption