Kingdom Kritters Rescue & Sanctuary

These are the stories of those who have Left this world, but forever remain in my heart.

 Jackie Chan
















 My life will never be the same.  Cheddar - Gone from this world on October 12, 2011


Dot Com

So many tears shed with the tragic loss of Dot Com on Sept. 14, 2011 



 Sadness once again came to my home with the unexpected passing of Dumplin on September 10, 2011



Sweet Dollop left a hole in my heart with her passing on August 14, 2011 


After many years with me, Sassy surprised me with her sudden passing on June 6, 2011 



 Her suffering ended on Feb. 9, 2011.  Fanta passed away of cancer.




Her health was made perfect when she passed on August 18, 2010

 Venus was a loving, funny girl who came to me with multiple injuries.  She was a fighter and really overcame any of life's hard knocks.  She loved Cheddar during her time with me and died in my hands, held close to my heart.  I still hold her close in my heart.  She will be greatly missed.



 Melee - left Jackie Chan and I on May 19, 2010 



Kibble - Took a piece of my heart with her when she passed on March 26, 2010 


Kibble was a dear, sweet girl who gave me only a year of pure joy before a tragic accident took her from me.  Kibble was so sweet and cute and gave me some wonderful babies.  She was a loving pet, strongly bonded to me and will forever be loved and missed. 




 Riddick - Gone from this world Jan. 6, 2010



 Latte - Gone from this World December 25, 2009



 Jasmine - Gone from this World May 30, 2009



 Jasmine, and her sister Jade, were my very first Sugar gliders.  Jasmine lived only 4 years.  Cause of death is unknown because her body was devoured by her cage mates.








 Apollo - Gone from this world September 6, 2008


 Bruce Lee - Gone from this world April 2008


Naruto - Gone from this world April 2008


Sussy - Gone from this world FAR too soon in 2008




Due to a sewage leak in my old home which damaged many boxes of photos, I am unable to provide photos of these loves.  


Phantom- Gone from this world November, 2007


Snickers - Gone from this world March, 2007


Amore - Gone from this world October 14, 2006

  Amore was a rescued sugar glider who hated me from day one.  She was a pouch protective blood biter, and I was determined to win her trust.  Amore died in a tragic accident before that trust was earned.  The only time I got to hold and cuddle her was as she lay dying in my hands.  She took her last breath as my tears fell upon her beautiful body.  She will forever be remembered and I will always regret not having more time with her.


Boo Boo - Gone from this world November, 2005

   Boo Boo was my beautiful, sweet, white bunny who was rescued from a flea market.  Boo Boo died suddenly, and I did not fully understand the importance of necropsies at that time.  Boo Boo brought joy every day of her life with me.