Kingdom Kritters Rescue & Sanctuary

                    Rescue Facility Needs & How you Can Help

 Please note - NONE Of the needs we list are urgent or critical.  We are careful to only bring animals in when we know we have adequate resources.  So, needs listed are those which would enable us to care for more animals or would upgrade our current equipment to safer, more reliable and/or more cost efficient equipment.



  • General facility needs (either ongoing or one time replacements)



    • safe space heater
    • meal worms
    • cages - 1/2 inch spacing for sugar gliders, flying squirrels and small birds
    • Zupreem pellets for all size birds
    • Nuts in the shell for birds and squirrels
    • First aid supplies - syringes, sub-q fluids, vet wrap, e-collars, etc.
    • Bird toys for all sized birds
    • Reptile supplies - tanks, heat lamps, substrate, etc
    • Crickets
    If you wish to make a donation - either monetary or material - Please know that we would be eternally grateful.  Please contact val to send material donations.  Monetary donations may be made here.