Kingdom Kritters Rescue & Sanctuary

       IF you need to relinquish an animal to Kingdom Kritters

Please know that we do not always have openings for some species, so it is imperative that you contact us first.  


We ask that you always explore many options before first relinquishing your pet to a rescue organization. 


 We currently have limited ability to accept the following animals (due to space concerns)

* sugar gliders

* Large parrots

* Snakes

* Rabbits

* Flying Squirrels


We have space at this time for other animals, including smaller birds, other reptiles (lizards, etc), turtles, guinea pigs, other exotic species, etc. 


We can NOT accept the following at this time:

* Dogs

* Cats

* Ferrets


Please check with us before planning to relinquish an animal as this status changes frequently.