Kingdom Kritters Rescue & Sanctuary

                         Meet some of our permanent Residents

Jackie Chan


Jackie Chan is one of my most adored sugar gliders.  His story is chronicled on many chat boards and forever written in my heart.  Jackie came to me with a severed spine, an injury which he should not have survived.  He was paralyzed from mid-back on down and had no feeling or control of his bowel or bladder.  


Jackie Chan overcame unsurmountable odds and began to have feeling in his back side.  This lead to multiple episodes of self mutilation.  Jackie lost his tail, both heads of his penis and his pom-pom in self mutilation episodes.  He underwent 9 life-saving surgeries in 8 months.  


Jackie has now fully recovered from the surgeries, and has learned to get around independently. His cage and environment are modified to allow for maximum independence AND SAFETY at all times.   He is the fastest sugar glider in my home and loved on by his adorable cage mate, Melee.  Jackie has some movement of his back legs now, but still no bowel and bladder control.  He is very adept at compensating for his differences and has forever cemented himself in my heart.  He is an inspiration and a blessing.  




Polaris was rescued from deplorable conditions.  He had been kept in a tiny cage (not even large enough for him to spread his wings) with no toys for at least 5 years and not allowed any out of cage time.  His caregivers were chronic chain smokers who thought nothing of smoking near him and even blowing smoke in his face.  They threw tennis balls at his cage to get him to shut up when he was loud.  They fed him a diet of only sunflower seeds and wild bird seed.

 The stress of such an environment caused Polaris to begin self-mutilating and plucking.  He did enough damage in that time that his follicles are damaged and he will not grow any more feathers.  No matter, I think he is beautiful. 

 Polaris came to me with no name.  So, I chose to call him Polaris because Polaris, the North Star, is the one star in the sky that does not change position - it does not move.  I wanted to give Polaris a name that would indicate that he had found his forever home, so the name seemed to fit.

 Polaris did not know how to play with toys when he first arrived, and he refused to eat anything other than sunflower seeds.  I spent countless hours teaching him that I could be trusted.  He grew his wing feathers back and would then fly to me when I was leaving the house.  It was such a joy to know that he WANTED to be around me!  I began hand feeding him pellets and fresh foods and teaching him how to play.  

 Polaris became VERY ill in January of 2008.  The vet did not think he would live.  It was found that he had MANY metaplasias in his lungs as a result of the very poor diet he had been fed for so long.  Polaris spent 2 days in an oxygen chamber at the vet, received multiple injections and tests, and was sent home on 3 different antibiotics.  His prognosis was VERY POOR.  I slept on the couch right beside his cage for fear that he would stop breathing in the middle of the night.  Polaris did pull through, but it was a long month for us.  He had to return to the vet every 6 weeks for the next 9 months for injections and follow up tests.  Today, he remains at risk for health issues stemming from extreme malnutrition and vitamin deficiency. 

 Today, Polaris spends 9-12 hours outside of his cage each day, he plays with a variety of toys, rides around on momma's shoulder, gives momma kisses, and never, EVER has a ball thrown at him.  He still does not eat well, and will only eat fresh foods or pellets if they are hand fed to him.  But, his progress has been remarkable and we still have many years to work on his diet.  




Bella is an adorable dog that was rescued in Texas.  Bella was a mess when she came to me.  She was very thin, suffering the effects of malnourishment, had been burned, so she had hardly any fur, her ears had been sliced with a razor blade, some of her toe nails had been pulled out and she was infested with roundworm, hookworm and tape worm.  

 Bella now lives a happy, carefree life here in my home.  She is an alpha dog, and has some difficulty getting along with other female dogs, but does excellent with my two male dogs.  She has adjusted well and has found her forever home here with me.