Kingdom Kritters Rescue & Sanctuary

          These lovely babies are looking for their forever homes

Sugar Gliders


Sugar gliders listed for adoption have undergone a 30 day quarantine process, have received vet care for any issues they may have had upon arrival, have received a clean bill of health from a veterinarian and have received a temperment assessment.

Kingdom Kritters prides ourselves on working with each and every glider who arrives in my home to develop well adjusted, social and healthy PETS.  

 Please see our "Adoption Policy and Procedure" page for information on how to adopt any of these lovely families.


 Grin & Barrett

 are two beautiful, neutered boys who would love to bring a smile to a new mommy's face every day.


GRIN is absolute sweetness and makes me giggle just to think that he could be so sweet already. He LOOOOOVES treat time every morning and begs for more and more each time.  I have to tell him every day "do not give me any more kisses or I will have to keep you here forever." He is so very, very sweet! The one I choose to be his new family will be very, very lucky to have such a precious, playful and perfect baby!

BARRETT requires a bit more work to earn his trust. He is cute and playful and fun to watch, but very skittish when his cage is approached.

Both boys are terrific players and excellent wheel workers. They eat well every day and try very hard not to make a total mess of their cage each night. They aren't too successful, though. These boys are going to make someone very very happy.

  These boys will go to their new home with some  items that have been donated specifically for them. 

 Grin and Barrett are a bonded pair and must not be separated.  They must be adopted together.


Ruffles and Ridges

Ruffles (female)  and Ridges (neutered male) came to Kingdom Kritters from a place of significant neglect.  They were terribly stained and under weight.  They have received health checks and are on their way to clearing the staining.  These two gliders are very hesitant to trust and will require a home that is willing to be patient and slow in gaining their trust.  Ridges is a tail carrier and plays much harder than Ruffles each night.  Ruffles is more content to hang out on a hammock or play in the toy box.   They are a family unit and may not be split up.



Axle & Rose

Neutered male and Female in need of a loving forever home


These two gliders are a bit older (about 4 years) and were surrendered by a college student.  Other than some staining and Rose being overweight, they were found to be in good health.  Their transition was difficult as they were scared and would lunge and crab, but once they settled in and learned to trust me, they no longer crab or lunge.  They discovered the joys of a large, safe wheel and toys and now can be seen all night running and playing as gliders should.  They will make great pets for someone with love to give.  They are a family unit and may not be split up.


Summer, Spring & Autumn

These three girls are older (4+ years) and have been a bonded family unit for many years.  Winter, their beloved sister, passed away in early 2013, after which they required emergency rescue.  So, these girls seek their forever home.  Their personalities range from loving and sweet to skittish and mildly crabby.  These girls were very loved in their previous home and will quickly warm to a new mommy or daddy.   
MUST go to a non-breeding home.  Must never be split up.  



Schlemihl, Schlemazel, Hoss & Feffer
are a lovely family seeking a forever home.  
These gliders were part of a large group that came from a hoarder surrender/seizure case in Oklahoma.  This was a situation where she truly was trying and just became overwhelmed.   All boys were neutered and all have been through quarantine and vet checked.
Schlemihl and Hoss are neutered boys. Their bald spots are slowly fading since their neuters.   Schlemazel & Feffer are beautiful girls.  They are all estimated at 1-4 years of age.  Schlemihl will occasionally crab at you from the pouch and will nip during nail clipping if he gets the chance.  The others are a little skittish in that fast movements scare them, but they will come right to you, crawl all over you and give occasional kisses.  :loveshower:   I was able to scoop all of these gliders up to transfer to a clean pouch on their first day with me.  With a little work, they will be amazing pets. 


Pilfer, Plunder, Pillage and Pearl

This quad of gliders is a family unit and cannot be separated.  Males are neutered and Pearl was born here at the facility after their rescue.  These gliders came from a neglect seizure out of Oklahoma and were treated for malnutrition and parasites upon arrival.  They have since been cleared for adoption and have made great progress in terms of being handled and trusting.  With a little time, these gliders will make great pets.   Ages estimated at 0-5 years.   





Short Tailed Opossums

 We currently have 4 juvenile and 2 adult Short Tailed Opossums seeking forever homes.  Photos and additional information to follow




Guinea Pigs

Two pairs of juvenile guinea pigs looking for forever homes.  Photos and additional information to follow.   






What are "specialized Adoptions?"

SPECIALIZED ADOPTIONS are adoptions which involve animals that require greater-than-average care.  These are animals that have been cleared for adoption by my vet and my heart, but that will require that their new home have adequate resources and desire to address chronic behavioral or medical issues.  No animal ever leaves Kingdom Kritters while ill or injured, but there are some medical issues, such as fused joints, seizures or kidney failure, that might require additional monitoring, vet visits or specialized care (diet, cleaning, physical therapy) for the remainder of the animal's life.  When an animal with one of these issues is cleared for adoption, they are listed as SPECIALIZED ADOPTIONS.  Animals with chronic behavioral issues also fall into this category.  We will do our best to accurately detail the behavioral issue with the new perspective home.  From time to time, we will have a breakthrough and be able to move an animal or family off of the Specialized list and to our regular "seeking forever homes" listings.


Specialized Adoptions require an additional contract and follow up contact to ensure that their new home will work out.  In many cases, several visits to our rescue home will be required BEFORE the animal(s) will be released to their new home.  


Specialized Adoptions are not for everyone.   They require patience, understanding, dedication and time.  If you think you are interested in hearing more about some of our Specialized babies, please contact Val.


Specialized Adoptables



Severe anxiety and special physical need